Soli-Tapesampler für Punks in Indonesien

MIXTAPE DEDICATE FOR HUMAN RIGHT IN ACEH!  weiterlesen (mit Video und Download)


On Saturday December 11th 2011, 64punks ranging in age from teenaged to mid 30’s were unfairly arrested at a show in Aceh on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia. Over 200 punks were at the show in support of a benefit for orphans. After arrest the punks were forced to watch as they and their friends were forcibly stripped of their haircuts. Men and boys had their heads shaved clean and women’s’ hair was cut short in the fashion of a female police officer. The police then forced everyone to take a communal bath in a lake. Indonesia is a predominantly moderate democratic country but Aceh is by far the strictest when it comes to enforcing morality laws. Shariah law is still allowed in Aceh and the deputy mayor Illiza Sa’aduddin Djamal has stated she thinks punk is a “social disease”. Many of the punks are not originally from Aceh and came to support the benefit for orphans. Many of the punks are working people and have families to support; some are now at risk of losing their jobs because of this illegal detainment. Not only is this a violation of individual freedoms but it is also an abhorrent and blatant violation of human rights. Currently we are organizing mixed tapes, zines, protests and gigs here in Indonesia in support and to benefit our punk brothers and sisters. VOLUME 2 1 SHORT BUS WINDOW LICKERS (UK)- FLY HIGH HIT HARD 2 PAZAHORA (SINGAPORE) - THE ALMIGHTY IS WATCHING FROM ABOVE THE TOWER 3 KRASSKEPALA (INDONESIA) - NAPAS PERADABAN BERACUN 4 FAXE (FRANCE) - BLACK SPIRAL 5 TOY LET (JAPAN) - FxOxF 6 PROTESTCRUSH (INDONESIA) - MILITARY BASTARD 7 SS DOOMTROOPER (USA) - WALK AWAY 8 DEATH FROM ABOVE (BRAZIL) - SHADOW ROOM 9 SLEEPING POLICE (INDONESIA) - STAY YOU STAY TRUE PUNX 10 RESIST (INDONESIA)- VIVA LA VANDAL 11 CZOSNEK (POLAND) - MAGDALENKA 12 LA FRACTION (FRANCE) - LE DOUTE 13 THE KRUSHERS (ITALY) - SICILIA NUCLEARE 14 PART SECOND (INDONESIA) - PEMIMPIN YANG MATI 15 REVENGED (INDONESIA) - TRUE FRIEND 16 PENYANGAK (MALAYSIA) - HAPUSKAN PERKAUMAN 17 NERAKA (INDONESIA) - REALITA DI TANAH SURGA 18 UGLY BASTARD (INDONESIA) - PARAMILITER FASIS 19 KORRUPT ( INDONESIA) - HUMAN ERROR 20 SLAVE OF NECROPHILIA(INDONESIA)-JANGAN MAU DIATUR 21 RASIST (INDONESIA ) - TO DIE IN VAIN 22 DISVAFOR(INDONESIA) - PERANGI PERANG 23 DENDAM KESUMAT -(INDONESIA) - SENGSARA MEMBAWA BENCANA 24 FRUSTASI (INDONESIA) - SAVE THE WORLD 25 ASSUSILA (INDONESIA) - COPS MURDER EVERY WHERE 26 DISPOR (BRAZIL) - VENCER (WAVE) 27 BILL COLLINS AND THE RABBLE ROUSERS - (GERMANY) - SIT DOWN STRIKE 28 WAERTERS SCHLECHTE - (GERMANY) - YOU WILL NEVER GET 29 OI POLLOI (UK) - DISPERSE 30 CALAFIAPUTA (MEXICO) - DENIGRAR O ADULAR 31 PISPOT (INDONESIA) - WIDJI TUKUL 32 ILEGAL ACTION (INDONESIA) - SUBURBAN NIGHT BLAST 33 BENZOATE (MALAYSIA) - GOVERNMENT ARGUMENT 34 A SISTEM RIJEK (INDONESIA) - SHARE YOUR KNOWLEDGE 35 SEVEN CROWNS (UK) 36 PORN STAR OF HORROR (USA) - ARMY OF DARKNESS 37 HARD DISK 40GB (INDONESIA) - Bright Side Of The Sun 38 COMMON THREAD (AUSTRALIA) - DISJOINTED 39 STANDING HIGH (INDONESIA) - BERDIRI TEGAK 49 KECEWA (INDONESIA) - DIE NEVER FUCKIN DIE 50 BUSUK ( INDONESIA) - ILUSTRASI PEMBANGKANG 51 MORBID ASSX (INDONESIA) - BROTHER OF THE SUN 52 STATE OF DECLINE -(USA) - PLANET OF SLUMS 53 ROOSTER FIGHT (INDONESIA) - ANTI SADAR 54 WOT ROT (AUSTRALIA) - NEW SONGS 55 STRAIGHT OF FIGHT (INDONESIA) - BANGKIT MELAWAN 56 MAKAR (INDONESIA)- MESIN PEMBUNUH 5

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